Hey cool cats and way gone chicks…welcome to the brand new Off Beat Cinema website!

It’s a mad pad dad…Can you dig it? Of course you can; that’s why you’re here!

Finally, whether you are a fan of sci-fi, hi-fi, film noir or pinot noir. It don’t matter if you relate to vampires or are related to zombies. This is a place that you can call home.

Off Beat Cinema is a two hour hosted movie show that airs on television stations throughout North America, featuring the finest in cult movies, movies that must be shown, "the good, the bad, and the foreign"…

In each episode, Maxwell Truth–along with his beatnik buddy Bird the painter, and the lovely Zelda, discuss the movies they show, and the proper coffee to consume while watching these flicks. Each week they're joined by whacked-out friends and top national music acts as they guzzle espresso and talk flicks.

Movies range from horrific thrillers like Night of the Living Dead and Orson Welles in the Third Man to Pia Zadora's film debut in Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and everything in between.

This is no mundane experience.

With movie information and introductions from the beatnik hosts, viewers are led through espresso expressionism, cafe au lait creature features and java jarring thrillers.

Check out our watch us now page and you can experience some of our favorite clips and films any time you want! Catch up on anything you may have missed from the world of the Hungry Ear.

Now that’s crazy baby!


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